Monday, July 6, 2009

Special Christmas Sale in the Summer!

Okay, we know it is July....and because of that we even created our own little "I'm Impressed" beach right in our little store. Check it out

It was last week that our wonderful Ceci came up with this idea to create a beach in one of our display islands in the store. At first we were going to set off to one of the local beaches to pilfer some authentic Vancouver beach sand....then thought better of that and decided to just buy a bag of sand! So off Eleonor went to the store to buy some sand! It was such fun to create this beach for all to see. Come and see it for yourself!

But amidst this tiny beach and in the middle of July, we decided to have a Christmas stamp sale! So for 2 more days (today and tomorrow, July 6 and 7) all our Christmas stamps are 50% off! Don't delay -- there are lots of wonderful stamps and stamp sets just waiting to be snatched up. You won't be disappointed. And while you're here, come and see our beach!

Before we sign off, here are some images captured from our very busy Canada Day celebration.

The parade!

Consuelo and Eleonor all decked out in Canada red.

These 2 cuties from Australia came and joined us for our postcard make n' take.

The Canadian Maple Leaf was everywhere to be seen! It was a wonderful day and if you couldn't attend, make sure you do next year!

One last remeinder -- don't forget to hurry up and sign up for the Amuse-a-palooza classes. If you cannot make it to our downtown store, check out Eleonor's Christmas party which features 2 Amuse classes. This event will run in Port Moody, B.C. For more info, call us at the store 604-684-4657.

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