Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Glitter! And Blog Candy!

Have you seen all the glitter in the store?  We are all stocked up with all the existing colours and we also have some new colours to share!  The  new colours are Java Bean, Deep Purple, Navy, Empire Green and Hunter Green.  
There's so much you can do with glitter, so come on in and ask us and we' be happy to do a demo for you! There are lots of cool colour combinations to play with to create razzle-dazzle looks!  Leave a comment and tell us what your favourite color combo is and we will choose one lucky winner for a glitter blog candy giveaway.  The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday, March 29, 2010.  To leave a comment you need to be a registered follower of this blog.


  1. My favourite colour combinations are those close on the colour wheel ones (what's the proper name?)
    - blue, turquoise, green, lime
    - red, magenta, pink, orange

  2. Recently my favourite combos have been
    light purple and grey
    brown and pink/blue

  3. woo-hoo - new colors!! no particular fave combo but I am partial to black and anything!


  4. My favourite colour combo has always been olive green and dark purple. Love it! Love all your new glitter too!

  5. Wow what an array of colours!!! Favourite colour combo is turquoise and chocolate brown!! laura j

  6. I was in your shop the other day and got to watch a staff member use the glitter on a small card. It was AWESOME!!! I so wish you had some classes coming up for the spring/summer. If so, will you be posting it on this blog? Please and Thank you!! Jenni