Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Blog Candy, Please!

Hi's Eleonor here!  We love to give out blog candy here at I'm Impressed, so here's another blog candy giveaway!  In anticipation of this coming Mother's Day, we thought why not tell us about your mom? My mom always said such funny things as we grew up and to this day, my brothers and sisters and I always have a good laugh when we reminisce about her funny comments.  So for this challenge, we want you to leave a comment telling us the funniest thing your mom ever said.  We're sure you will have lots to share and we thought it would be fun for everyone to read!  I'll be's what my mom said that still makes me laugh. "If you keep pouting and stick your bottom lip out any further, a bird will come and  build a nest on it!"  She said so many other funny things here's another one, "You can't go out dressed like that!  What if someone I know, who knows you, who you don't know sees you??"  Hilarious.

So leave a comment and we will choose one winner at random.  The winner will be announced on Monday, May 24, 2010.


  1. My Mom used to say "Oh well, while you're doing that you're not doing anything else". I think it was her way of saying "Live in the moment", but I'm not really sure.

  2. I always loved it when my mom would see me leaving the house without a coat and she would say, "But it's win - ter ... win - ter!" She would separate out the two syllables to try adn create more emphasis, I guess? Little did she know I was always so hot and overheated, I didn't need a coat!