Thursday, July 8, 2010

A*Muse Scavenger Hunt

Hi everyone!  Eleonor here.....I'm not supposed to show you this list till July 9, which is tomorrow...but it's almost midnight and I'm going to turn into a pumpkin soon so here it is!  If I don't do it now, I know I will forget.  Besides, with only 10 minutes left, it might as well be tomorrow.

The hunt is on!  Below is the list of 15 things for this year's Amuse*a*Palooza Scavenger Hunt.  Everyone joining the hunt can try their luck and bring in whatever they can find on or before July 16.  For each item you find, you will receive $100 in Amuse*a*paloot!  Be the first to bring in all 15 things and receive an extra $1000 in loot for a total of $2500!

Scavenger Hunt List

1. any A*Muse Christmas stamp
2. a candy cane (drawing will do!)
3. snowflake ornament
4. used christmas card
5. red bow
6. Backstreet Boys christmas CD
7. red and gold ribbon
8. poinsettia (plastic will do, drawing will do)
9. a bell (any kind)
10. rudolph's nose (carrot)
11. red and green ju jubes
12. santa hat
13. pkg of hot chocolate (extra $1000 loot if it's the kind with marshmallows in it!)
14. green yarn (any kind)
15. Hershey's kiss (bonus $1000 loot if you bring in a red one)

Get hunting!
Stay tuned for Saturday's post which will contain pics of Eleonor's and Raya's A*Muse classes. 
Also, you will get to see the first image in the name that stamp contest!

Don't forget to drop in the store anytime between 11 - 2 PM from July 10 - 17 to do your make n' takes.....and wear your A*Muse shirt.  You'll get more loot that way!
We're excited!!

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