Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've got Goosebumps!

GooseBumps is a clear "texture" spray that allows you to add unique textures on almost any surface (think paper, canvas, acrylic, acetate and many other surfaces)! It's very difficult to capture this cool effect in a picture, so you absolutely must stop by and check it out. Simply spritz a coat over your finished project and watch the goosebumps rise! The more you spray, the thicker and more dramatic the effect (and the longer the drying time, so keep that in mind).

  • Tiny speckles, like the texture on a wall (spray fro approx. 12" from surface with a forceful spray)

  • Larger dots/specks, like rain drops (spray from approx 8-10" away and push slowly on the sprayer)

  • Laminated look, like plastic (spray much closer and repeat until covered - NOTE: this does take longer to dry)

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