Sunday, June 10, 2012

Don't Forget DAD!

Stamp D-A-D on three different colours of card stock.  Line up the D-A-D as shown, then FLIP OVER and cut the green and beige pieces to match the brown. Set Aside.
Stamp D-A-D on three different pattern papers.
Cut out the D-A-D on the printed paper.  Cut the right side of the DAD on the green , beige and brown paper making sure to leave it attached (this step may be omitted for younger crafters). Glue the patterned D-A-D over the matching green, beige and brown D-A-D.
Line the D-A-D up so the ends match.  Punch two holes, use eyelets to reinforce them if desired and thread the brown ribbon through and tie.
Now the base of your card is finished and you can add photos, coupons and Father’s Day greetings.  HAVE FUN!

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