Sunday, February 12, 2012

Card of the Week

Do you like butterflies?  If you do, then this week's card is just your thing.

We used Design Adhesives and Glitter Ritz glitter in emerald to create the butterfly panel.
Each package of Design Adhesives contains 4 strips of the design you see on the outside.  This package will have 4 strips of butterfly images.

Simply peel off the backing from the adhesive design to expose the design.  Be careful not to touch the actual adhesive with your fingers.  You will be able to see the adhesive as it is shinier than the backing it is adhered to.

Cut out the length of the design you want to use (the same size as the paper you are adhering it on) and then lay it on your paper and burnish the design with your fingers.  Do this by simply laying it down flat on your paper surface and rub it evenly onto the surface with your fingers.  Then slowly peel off the backing.  The adhesive will transfer directly onto your paper in the design you've chosen.  Then you can pour your glitter on top and it will adhere to the butterfly design.  Its' that easy!  Below is a close up of the card.

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