Friday, June 25, 2010

Amuse*A*Palooza -- Read All About It!

Here it is!  You've all been patiently waiting, so get ready and in the mood for fun, cause here are the details to this year's Amuse*A*Palooza!

1 night A Muse Auction

12 great new A Muse Make 'N' Takes

3 great new classes taught

Friday Night Surfin' Santa Party

1,000,000's of dollars in A*muse*a*paloot

Oodles of  auction items to be won

3 great PALOOZA challenges

9 days A-MUSE fun!

What is A*Muse*a*palooza? A*Muse*a*palooza is a product launch party. We have all heard about fancy fashion shows in Paris, exclusive CD release parties in Toronto and movie premiers in Hollywood. Well, A Muse is bringing this same concept to multiple locations across Canada, US and Europe. Imagine a big party where the guest of honour is a brand new line of stamps that the attendees get to see weeks in advance of the general public. Talk about exclusive! A*muse*a*palooza is be the biggest stamping event of the summer. We have many fabulous challenges and loot to give away during the 5th Annual A-MUSE-A-PALOOZA celebration.

Here's how it will work: July 10th through the 17th I'm Impressed will be hosting A*muse*a*palooza events. There will be make and takes, contests, fabulous classes, refreshments, and our Friday night auction.  This year's event promises to be loads of  fun!

As always, there will be a free make'n'take offered everday from July 10 - 17, 2010 between 11 - 2 PM.  Just come on into the store and make your project!

Friday Night Surfin' Santa Party - Friday, July 16, 2010 from 7 - 9 PM.

Come to this fun night wearing a Christmas t-shirt (or any Christmas themed outfit!) and receive an extra $1000 in loot.

There's gonna be a quiz to complete on this night and if you complete the quiz, you also get an extra $1000 in loot.  Each correct answer gives you $100 in loot.  It's gonna be a surprise so don't even think of asking us what the quiz is gonna be, cause we're saying nothin' about it.  Mums the word.  You just have to come that night and find out!

Christmas Gift Tag Exchange:  SO MUCH FUN!!
 - a fun way for everyone to build up their Xmas gift tag supply!  Each person that joins will need to make 10 gift tags using Amuse stamps and put them in a baggie, ready to exchange.  There is no cost to join other than a call to the store to say you want to be included in the exchange.  The exchange will run once there are at least 10 people who have joined.  Remember to make gift tags, not full size cards. 
This is the night when we have our exciting AMUSEAPALOOZA Auction.  Bring in all the A*muse*a*paloot you've earned leading up to this day and spend, spend, spend.  Win big if you can outbid the others!

Refreshments and fun starting at 7:00PM!!!  Come and enjoy sweet treats on us.   And of course, the night would not be complete if there were no make n' takes -- so of course you'll be making those too!

What is A*Muse*a*paloot?

Starting June 30th every dollar you spend in the store receive $10 in A*muse*a*paloot. Sign up for a class receive and extra $1000 in A*muse*a*paloot. Bring a friend to a class and earn more! Drop off a card sample (3 per day max) for us to display in the store and receive $500 in A*muse*a*paloot. (Note: cards must use at least one Amuse stamp).  Wear your A*Muse*a*palooza t-shirt to the store for any event and earn $1000 in A*muse*a*paloot.  A*muse*a*paloot will be the only currency for our A*muse Auction. Please contact the store for further information on these events. Pre-registration is required for classes. Remember they sold out fast last year!

PALOOZA Challenges

Dressed for Success

Show up at the store any time between June 30  and July 15th in your A*MUSE*A*PALOOZA T-shirt and receive $1000 in A*mus*a*paloot. Only one prize per day but come as often as you wish!

Name that Stamp

Each day between July 10 and 16 we will be posting partial images of current A Muse Stamps on our blog. If you can name that stamp you'll win $500 in A*mus*a*paloot - or be the first to arrive at the store with the correct guess  and win $1000 in A*mus*a*paloot.

A Muse Scavenger Hunt

We're putting together a list of 15 A Muse*ing things - the person who collects the most things from that list and turns it in by July 16th wins! Starting July 10th - pick up your list at the store or down load it here. The list will be available on July 9.

A*Muse Classes

A*Musing Winter    $20
Sunday, July 18   11 -1 PM

This snow filled and glitterful (is that even a word?.....whatever, Eleonor thinks so and thus we're gonna say it is....!) class will cool you down in the heat of July.  Come and get in the spirit of coolness and join Eleonor as you create 4 cool cards.  Get inspird and enjoy some rolickin' winter fun. 
This class will be held in Richmond at Eleonor's Studio (close to Queensborough in New Westminster).
Limited class size, so register early to avoid disappointment.

A*Musing Christmas    $20
Sunday, Juy 18   3 - 5 PM

It's never too early to start making those Christmas Cards!!  Be the first to say "I'm done!" when someone asks you if you're ready for Christmas!  In this class you will make 4 Christmas cards, including a magic card.  Is it black and white.....or is it in colour?????  Find out......
This class will be held in Richmond at Eleonor's Studio (close to Queensborough in New Westminster).
Limited class size, so register early to avoid disappointment.

A*Musing Holidays    $20
Tuesday, July 13    7 - 9PM

Great all new holiday projects using the new stamps from A Muse.  Join Raya at the store as she shows you 4 'A MUSEing' projects, including a treat container for Holiday goodies!  This is always a popular class even if the samples are kept secret. Go home with four projects in total and start dreaming of a white Christmas.

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